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A judgment also allows you to take enforcement action to recover your debt. Typically that means using a high court enforcement officer (England and Wales) or a sheriff officer (Scotland) to visit the debtor. If they still won’t or can’t pay, their goods can be removed and sold to repay your debt. Provided there are assets, the costs to do this are also met by your debtor.

We have relationships with both a high court enforcement business and a sheriff officer business. With your authorisation to proceed, we can pass your instruction to the appropriate people to enforce the repayment of your debt.

It may be that other enforcement activity such attachment of earnings, putting a charging order on property or insolvency is more applicable to the circumstances of your debtor. We’ll keep you informed of the best course of action and guide you to the best solution to recover your money.

However, as with all the steps in the legal recovery process, you’ll be in control of what happens next and can make those decisions known to us at the touch of a button.

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