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Getting a letter from a solicitor is enough to persuade most people into paying pretty quickly. When that happens we don’t take a percentage – you keep all the money you’re owed – which is good value when considering it only costs £2* for the service.

It’s easy too. All you have to do is let us know who owes you money, their address and how much they owe. We’ll then send the letter before action and would expect the matter to be settled within 7 days.

In the unusual event that it isn’t, there’s no obligation to do anything else (although we have made it as cheap and easy as possible to pursue matters further). The next step towards gaining a successful resolution could well be to recover the debt through Amicable Collections, or push ahead with  court claim.

However, before you do anything you should consider that there is a new alternative to the letter before action that may be more appropriate for your case. A late payment demand allows you to claim interest and compensation on top of your existing debt. Why not try our Late Payment Calculator option.

* plus VAT

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